the ease we live in
conditions feeble minds
to expect the generosity of pattern
once broken admits fear
through the gates of reaction

age teaches tolerance
for the ways i have chosen
comfortable in them
i resist change

perhaps for our own protection we grow
to become children
fearing the loss of our parents
the influence that allows
us to feel

some callous ways
of survival slowly erode
gift less gift would make life difficult
in our own protection we generate
the disease that will eventually kill us

perhaps for our own demise
we do not grow
repeating the cycle of possession
the antithesis of dedication
who enjoys the stubborn value
of sweet naive angst

you are strong i am weak
help that i may not fall
into the pit of selfish desire
allow that i be released
from the bonds of the dream
to dream again


from demise of silence, released August 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Vishnu's Secret Santa Cruz

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