demise of silence

by Vishnu's Secret

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released August 1, 2009

Recorded and Produced by Vishnu's Secret
cover based on an original painting by Christine Canepa



all rights reserved


Vishnu's Secret Santa Cruz

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Track Name: darkest days
darkest days

so much time wasted
so many thoughts turned sour
so many moments
i wish i could destroy

i'm spitting up grief of lasting words
i'm chocking on pain of betrayal

let me out of this prison
let me out of these binds
death can you hear me

fuck you. you get what you deserve
Track Name: veil

in this prison we call
beauty cannot exist
we are empty

in this space we call
feeling is just another illusion

even the ocean cannot
comfort us
we are no longer here

cool breezes
pitch black nights
long lonely desert roads
all gone
gone in the wake of a
new found reality

unveil yourself my beauty
unveil yourself illusion
unveil yourself reflection
Track Name: meek

my disease rests
in the closet of power
the chaos of love retreats
to an independent pasture
my heart becomes cold as
beauty chokes on desire

my spirit retreats as beauty chokes on desire

now hung by the noose
of history my only hope
is a peaceful death
sleepwalking on coals of living
i fear a new world
of fucked up happiness

beauty chokes on desire as my spirit retreats

as the soul becomes strong
of a decided fate
devils teach me my weakness
as this storm becomes strong
the current of pride
disrupts natural movement

strength is humility
Track Name: our precious peace
our precious peace

has been replaced
by the garden of time
perhaps for only
an instant

i mourn the spontaneous
purity we share
entrusted forever in dream

our paths part not now
just in this moment
of new circumstance

god is in you and in you
i become god
forever inspired
i dream of you and in you
i become dream

the pleasure in pain
horrifies me
sleepwalking on tombstones of paper
Track Name: presence

every night i die
and in this death
i am alive
every night i wake
and in this haze
i find silence

it is in this valley
presence becomes life
and i become nothing
it is on this beach
meaning becomes release
and i become endless

no god
no death
no self
all we are is presence
Track Name: proud

the ease we live in
conditions feeble minds
to expect the generosity of pattern
once broken admits fear
through the gates of reaction

age teaches tolerance
for the ways i have chosen
comfortable in them
i resist change

perhaps for our own protection we grow
to become children
fearing the loss of our parents
the influence that allows
us to feel

some callous ways
of survival slowly erode
gift less gift would make life difficult
in our own protection we generate
the disease that will eventually kill us

perhaps for our own demise
we do not grow
repeating the cycle of possession
the antithesis of dedication
who enjoys the stubborn value
of sweet naive angst

you are strong i am weak
help that i may not fall
into the pit of selfish desire
allow that i be released
from the bonds of the dream
to dream again
Track Name: no more peace
no more peace

complete in my endeavor
to please you
Ive made myself beautiful
given life to the air
celebrating you

the sun feels an ecstacy
of a freedom without
the confusion of change
slowly subsides as I
ride the bitter fire

here I stand
gifts in my hand
awaiting my peace
losing faith

as our child grows
facing the wind
who rots the subtle surface
of our skin
I find little strength in

And I hoard the gift of a peaceful union